Monday, July 11, 2011

New Wheels...YIPPIE!!!

So the long awaited for find has been found...thank you Craigslist and God!

While we would have liked to have found LilBlue a replacement vehicle first we could not pass up this one. It was the right price for our budget (PTL!!!) and we definitely wanted to get back into a Honda. Score.

Our newest Lil Red CeCe
We are still in the market for our LilBlue a new to us Honda Accord and we know it's out there we just have to find it...all prayers for this matter appreciated! LilBlue would like it to be blue with gray interior, just sayin'! Tomorrow we are back on the road as a three car caravan as we head to MO and then to LA. It will be a quick visit with the family and then on to our new location. 

Neat news on the LA front is that I already have a "friend" :) A neat family we knew in AL has a daughter there and we met her once and we know her other two sisters as well, isn't that cool? It is such a small world...I love when little things like this happen! Makes me a little more excited about arriving, I will already "know" someone! Now if we get the housing situation squared away it will all be good!

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