Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey there!

Just wanted to check in and let you know all is well in LA. We are settling in, busy and hoping to have a home by the end of the day... I'll let ya know how that goes!

The first week has been a wide spectrum of events, thoughts and experiences. From a memorial service to a impromptu dinner with the boss and leadership, it's been ALL GOOD. The 2nd seems happy to have us and we are definitely happy to be here. The leadership team is a good group and at first look we will mesh well. that is a great feeling!

We are still in billeting and will be for several weeks to come as we work out the housing and wait to receive our household goods, which have been in storage for, oh say the past 16 months. I have to admit I am getting a little excited to get "our stuff" and get in a house and get settled in. I wasn't really feeling like I had missed my things until MiB returned. Now I have him I am also ready to have our things and get back into the swing of living together amongst our stuff!!! 

It has been great to have a kitchenette and actually fix meals this past week. And while they have not been elaborate meals they are still "real food" as MiB puts it and he has enjoyed my cooking...I laugh cause I have definitely put food on the table so to speak but don't at all feel like I am "cooking" for him. I have very limited supplies to work with both food wise and dish/serving/prep/cooking ware. It's laughable really, but fun!

Hope your week is going good, life is good here and we are living the dream in LA!

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