Monday, July 18, 2011

Newest Dueces are in the house!

Arrival in LA this evening, long drive, typical AR roads, curvy, hilly and towns every 7-11 miles so you go from 55 to 45 to 40 to 35 then back up to 55 then repeat the process, it's maddening. It's the only way to really get where we needed to go, I love travel but I think when I want to get somewhere I like interstates, not two lane roads that go through little towns. I am not against off interstate travel but today I would have preferred a more direct route without the continual slow downs for the small towns.

What I did enjoy was seeing all the fresh produce stands and had I been going to a place where I could use it I would have had me some fresh produce. What I didn't enjoy was the incredible range of gasoline prices. It was really odd and made no sense. In MO where we started out it was $3.50, just south was 3.59 which was unusual because usually it is cheaper south of us. Then at the state line of AR and MO it dropped to $3.43 (we gassed up!), further into AR it got up to 3.84 a gallon :( Here in LA it is $3.55 but it was cheaper before we got into the Shreveport area. I tell you it is weird!!!!

So we have driven the base with what daylight we had, it's pretty neat, lots of history, a great airpark, lots of neat stuff to look at. We think we found the house we will live in, it is East of the main base so there is a commute involved even though it is base housing. There is a shopette out there along with tennis courts and a pool so it will be nice. I'm not really sure when we will know what the dealio is but hopefully we will be in something by Labor Day!

It will be a full day tomorrow so I'm signing off...

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