Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out and About

 Today was warm...

In addition to going out and about I also did laundry and packed and sorted for the AL trip not to mention I did get up and walk this morning. Since we did church last night we did not have that this a.m. We also made a commissary run in between laundry loads.

 Shreveport Veteran's Memorial

We found a new way to the downtown area and on our way we stopped to look at the Veteran's memorial which was kind of neat. We also checked out the outlet mall area (via drive by since it was waaaaay too warm to get out and shop in this outdoor venue, maybe this fall when the weather cools). We also drove by MiBs elementary school, it's pretty much how he remembered it. There is a new addition but it's still the same overall.

We went for an early dinner since we had a light lunch of hummus and veggies with a bit of cheese. We tried a new place that will NOT BE A KEEPER. This is unfortunate since we had high hopes but I guess it wasn't meant to be. It's our second attempt to find a good Mexican restaurant, we have had no joy! Today's was on a recommendation of more then one...great place they said. Hmmmm, not so much in our opinion, though the two surfboards used in  the decor got high marks from MiB the food, very specifically, the fajitas did not. I was not so shocked since he had the same experience at the last place we tried.

FAJITAS 101 - Saute the veggies, they taste better that way and by veggies I mean more then just a couple green pepper slices and a few onions. Use onions, red and yellow peppers and plenty of them. Toss all this with the meat and bring it out on a platter that is hot and sizzling.  Please do not bring a cold sliced chicken breast placed on 9 slices of firm onion with two slightly limp slices of green pepper. THIS IS NOT FAJITAS, trust me it's NOT. Then also please do not give me unheated tortilla's that are not even homemade, it's just not right people! In addition if you are going to serve rice, flavor it please, that way it taste better! 

You see we love our Mexican food, we had some awesome Mexican food in TX and OK on our travels and if we can't get it here in LA we will be going across the borders. There are still a few other options out there to try and we will, but it's got to get better then this. The fajita's at both places we have tried have not been like any we can say we have ever tried. Now lest you think we are totally sunk, we are not, cause once we get settled and get our things we will be having our own made at home fajita's but there is still something to be said for having a favorite Mexican place to go out and get some too! So I will remain hopeful :)

Our soon to be new home :)

Yep, it's true we are going to be moving into this home as soon as our things arrive from FL. While it is not at all my ideal house it will serve us well for our time here I'm sure! We will have to get used to some things as it has a very different set up then we've had and are used to and some things at first glance I really disliked but in the big scheme of things will not matter as they are my personal preferences. So there you are that's been my day, nothing too earth shattering just ordinary stuff. Hope your day was good and that you feel accomplished or content with whatever you tackled. I'm looking forward to being amongst our things again and in our own four walls...the good thing is, is that day is sooner rather then later now that we know where we are going to live!!! So start planning your visits, we will be ready to receive guest soon :o)

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