Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Right Start/Hard Start

Today we attended RIGHT START. This is a mandatory brief for all active duty when they arrive at a new duty station, spouses are encouraged to attend. It was nice to see several spouses there with their AD member. The room was FULL, in fact the host for the brief was surprised at the number in attendance. The new Command here has added many people and this is high PCS season, so I was not that surprised myself. We were in good company. It was neat that one of our table mates just arrived from Aviano AND he lived in Maniago. Small world. We also had lunch at the club after wards and ran into a fellow PAFBer. Lunch was on the Club and not bad, transferring our club membership garnered us the free lunch :) Soup, salad and a vegetable plate made for a happy Mrs Blue!

Hard Start followed the morning of briefings as we attended the funeral for a young Airmen this afternoon. Airman Kyle Schunk lost his life a few days back in a motorcycle accident. It is never easy to attend events like this especially when it is a young person. I do not know all the details surrounding the event and I do not need to know them; what I do know is that it is a tragedy for this family. They are grieving, they are still in disbelief. The Barksdale family has done an excellent job of reaching out to this family. The service was well attended and thoughtfully done, it honored as well as celebrated the life of Amn Schunk. His family was thankful for those who came to the memorial service, they were grateful for the reception held after wards, they were glad that their son's life was recognized and celebrated.

Amn Shunk was just a couple years older then our own makes me even more thankful for my own when I attend events like this. In an instant this young man is no longer with us, we do not understand it but I trust that He who created me and this young man does. I know that I trust in the one with the master plan, to that I cling...

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