Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Update!

It's been a blast hanging out with our daughter! Soooo good to see her and get to be with her. We miss that girl. We are just having a good time being together. Life is good. I am so sorry I have not taken any pictures. We are doing lots, I just haven't been thinking about getting pictures...bad, I know. But I am so full of joy just being able to be us as a family again it's unbelievable. So taking pictures has just totally slipped my mind!

We have car shopped for LilBlue with no success, we have shared meals, hung out, done laundry, drove around, and just goofed off. We've hung out in the rooms, hers and ours! Ate w/the Bud and his family (Olive Garden, Pete the waiter was the best!) as well, life IS good. Looking forward to being in MO together for a few days this week too.

Until I write again, enjoy life today, it is too short not too!

Oh, and we did have some vehicle success. More on that later :) PTL!

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