Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

And we off to a busy I transition back into life in the Blue it's amazing what I have forgotten. WOW, a year is a while to be out of the loop and who knew I would lose some of my Blue ways...I am finding the recovery amazingly quick though! It's good to be beside my MiBs side, it's good to be back serving alongside the most amazing people in the world. Our USAF have the best!

This morning I went to's been awhile since I have been involved with PWOC but that didn't change the fact that we were all military spouses who find having a relationship with Christ makes our life more complete. I immediately felt at home and even though I hung back and didn't jump right in on the study discussion I could have! Next week a potluck :) 

  • Being new, is never easy...
  • A smiling face is ALWAYS welcome!
  • Farmer's Market on Saturday, woohoo!
  • It's real hot here in LA, like REAL H.O.T!
Not a lot to write...well, there is but it's not blog writable, so that's all ya get today :D

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