Saturday, April 21, 2012

AirShow Day 1

Oh what a day...started very gloomy and C.O.L.D yes, cold right here in LA. It was a wear fleece kind of day with hat and gloves. That darn wind was bad to the bone. However, the sun finally did make an appearance and things really did improve...but that wind :/ boo hiss to it.

P&Q ladies working the Commander's tent...they were very happy to see the sun!

All of the performer's were excellent and awesome and the folks that we spoke to (and there were many) said that had a spectacular time. There were a lot of youngsters who will be our generation of aviators in attendance today...seriously! You could see some with that spark in their eye - they want to go for it and be in the air. This is the type of event that can help a young one develop a love for flying or cements the want-to that is already growing inside another. It's good, really good for recruiting. It really was an awesome day.

The coolest flyover IMO! What a beautiful clear blue sky backdrop for these two to sail by on, it was a sight to see for about superior AIR POWER this is what we got, ain't NOTHIN' better, trust me!

 Barksdale's own B-52 and a Whiteman B-2

A few phone pics of our star performer's coming in after a very spectacular show!


It really turned out to be an outstanding day!

Oh and I am happy to report there were no accidents or injuries with the golf cart. Though sometimes I did witness the right conditions, thankfully nothing manifested! On other fronts it was really a low key day, nothing over the top to report, of course there were those few who tried to jump the barriers, or cut through were they shouldn't or wonder down in an unauthorized area but for the most part it was all good! And I think there was only ONE parent/child separation towards the end of the day so that was good as well!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Barksdale's newest, uh, er, uh performers...

My MiB really wants to try out for this team...I think he can do it, he's got the moves but he will need to make time to practice more!

Then at the end of the day as we were about ready to go park our golf cart I got to see closer then ever THE Barksdale plane land. I have to say that while my favorite all time plane is still the B-1B (and it is here this weekend at the airshow but sadly they are not doing rides) the B-52 is a mighty bird. I see her flying overhead on most days and I am always in awe that this big girl can do what she does, it's a great feeling to know we are in good hands when this girl is in the air! So to be right there on the flight line when she came down...that was pretty much a storybook ending to an already spectacular day. She is an undeniable beauty in her own right!

Safely down with chute out!

Tomorrow is another day, praying for warmth and sunshine...

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