Monday, April 30, 2012

What SUP = What's Up?

MiB got a SUP...Stand Up Paddle Board for you non water types. And this board is B.I.G. It did not come UPS or Fedex, no sir, it came 18-wheeler. A very nice guy named Mandy made the delivery. I cannot pronounce the company's name to save my life. What I do know is they are a motor freight company and they deliver B.I.G. stuff.

 Delivery Truck :)

The delivery was last week but tonight finally MiB was able to work it so he could get it in the water...and I use that term loosely as we just went around the corner to the "lake" that is right near our house. I would actually classify this body of water as a pond...a pond that has a lot of things in it, namely a B.I.G gator.

 Unloading and Unwrapping

 Getting it wet...

Getting started...

 Headed out

 REALLY pretty clouds on the "lake"

 Paddle MiB, paddle!

 Coming back!

So now it's been wet and he is thrilled. He is really looking forward to taking it to the river. I will keep you posted.

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