Sunday, April 1, 2012

AFSA Conference good, Lodging B A D :(

Since we did NOT have internet in the accommodations we had I will link MiBs post to bring you up to date. And trust me on this the photos do not really capture the state of things but they give you a real good idea as well as this link.

Anyway, the conference itself was good, I learned a lot and it really hammered home just exactly how vitally important this professional organization is to the military member, specifically the Air Force enlisted member. I am proud to be a part of this org! We are thinking hard about attending the Jacksonville PAC! Since we have actually stayed at this hotel we have no worries if we do get to go!

I want to say that the organizers of the conference were totally taken aback with the state of the hotel. On their site visit they were shown the VERY BEST of everything and unfortunately things went down hill from the time they visited until the conference and those two rooms they were shown were not the average. EVERYTHING was done by the host chapter to help remedy as best they could the situation. We made the best of it!  ADAPT and OVERCOME our family motto once again came into play and we did and we survived!

I am glad to be safely back home, another full week so I'm retiring. Night :)

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