Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Nearly missed this week's thought! That just lets you know how messed up my days are and somewhat hectic it is; the travel I do enjoy but it causes me to lose track of the days. This week started fast and furious and has not let up. It continues to roll.

  • Back issues are NOT fun!
  • Seeing the derm for my arm.
  • Big fancy event this weekend : )
  • Surgery for LilBlue is being scheduled.

Since the weather here has been gorgeous, I have been able to get a few walks in, the water in the lake is up and it is gorgeous down there. The grass is green, flowers are blooming and it's just been pretty much awesome. In fact the walks have been my saving grace so to speak this week, I am very thankful for that time to think, reflect and pray.

I have taken some time to get the house a bit more settled and put away but still have several more task to complete, funny how it's not really bothering me...maybe I don't care or maybe I realize it's just not that big a deal. Especially when we have had folks in this week who didn't care at all about the house but they needed a shared meal, a listening ear, a caring heart, a safe sounding board. They did not care, they were simply thrilled we had an open door.

There have been so many things going on in our little world this week. In fact this has been one of those week's that will stick with me for awhile. There are images that are etched in my mind; they will stay there for many, many, many days, perhaps years to come. There have been some later then usual nights just being there for those who need it. I have spoken aloud and silently vast numbers of prayers for those who are hurting, those who need wisdom, those who need peace. We have had a week to hopefully never to be repeated...I cannot fathom the loss of a child.

I am thankful for MiB and his strength, patience and passion. I know the days have been even longer for him.

Peace to you and yours...

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