Sunday, April 29, 2012

Retirement...or just reassigned??

I liked the term "reassigned" as soon as I heard fits. Because while Pastor is stepping out of the pulpit at SCBC he is still going to stay active. He is not really retiring!

 Last sermon at SCBC

Today we were honored to have been able to be in OK for the retirement of our Pastor. This was our first church home inside the USA. We loved our Azorean Baptist Church family but coming back to the states and finding a church home was huge. Especially after coming back stateside and having such let down on the military. Being overseas is so very different. Since our first assignment overseas WAS awesome and challenging, getting involved and having a church family and military community was necessary in my book. Then to return to the states and be sorely disappointed about the military family part would be putting it mildly. The whole mentality is different, the camaraderie was not there, I was heart broken. I get it, we are in our own country we all speak the language we can do our own thing, etc, etc but I was just all out of sorts over this. So getting right back into a church was even more crucial for us, we wanted and needed that instant kinship. We found it at SCBC.

The Wednesday after we visited on that Sunday the Pastor himself came to visit us, we were not really sure what to think about that but we went back. We went back again and again and gradually just knew this was going to be our new church. It was good, I felt instantly connected to the more seasoned group and never looked back. They adopted me and MiB when he was home. The Pastor and his family always welcomed us with open arms. They lived life in front of us and usually for this family that meant one adventure after another and always a good laugh. N O T H I N G ever was routine in their household, it was truly a riot. I enjoyed the times I was in their home. I learned it didn't take the shiniest toilets, most vacuumed rugs, gourmet meals or perfect children to host people, just a willingness, openness and PBJ if that's all you had!

I could go on and on about this family...they are quirky, they are genuine, they are hilarious, they are talented, they are humble, they are not so domestic. Although Ms Linda makes the very best ugly dip and fudge sauce. She is the reason I still like to put celery in my spaghetti sauce and why I will on occasion put brown gravy on my rice (well, that is more Gran, but she is a whole 'nother post if ever there was one). This family is one of a kind. They are unique beyond measure and we love them beyond measure.

SCBC will miss them for sure, but I am exited to hear what happens with their new reassignment.

 MWC firefighter bagpipe band!

Since Pastor is a Chaplain for the MWC firefighters they came to show their support, some spoke and then the biggest, coolest thing was the bagpipes being played!

 Almost all of the McD clan!

Many more blessings and Godspeed in the coming days, weeks, months as you find your reassignment shoes and may they be comfortable and fit well!

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