Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm back in OKC :)

What a great day to be in OKC. Drive up last night wasn't too bad, but Dallas traffic was raging, of course, what did we expect on a Friday evening? Still, made for a longer drive after an already full day and actually week!

Today we hit one of our favorite BBQ pits, looked at cars with G, bought car with G and then ate at our favorite pizza place. It's the little things!

Life is good :) Looking forward to being at SCBC tomorrow for the bittersweet retirement of our Pastor. It will be awesome to see our church family. This is where LilBlue was born while MiB was gone and these folks a.r.e. family to us. They saw ME through waaaaay too many deployments to count, numerous TDYs, the birth of our daughter, loss of my grandfather, a move from off base to on and a whole host of other things, They are real people, not perfect, but available, and that's what makes them so special.

We had very good years at Soldier Creek. Me, more so then MiB because frankly he was gone all the time. I am still so thankful for the people there. Though some have gone on and it is with a little sadness that we think on those...Mr Layton, Mr Riley, Mr Ervin, Mr. T, Mr Chris, Miss Hazel, Miss Jeannie and several others, Mr Johnnie, Mr Pete, Miss Mildred. These folks were "grandparents" to our LilBlue. She might have been a bit spoiled...especially by Mr Layton and Miss Jeannie...they helped a young mother, who felt like a single parent, make it. They were encouragers, prayer warriors, Godly examples and friends. It's the friend part that still means so much. And there are so many friends still there including our Pastor and his family who will be stepping aside tomorrow. Not to mention L.S., Rose's, Ms Celestine, Ms Beulah, Ms Jeannie, Ms Karen, Ms Norene, Miss Doris, Miss Pam, the list could go on and on and on. I know I didn't mention all by name there are just so many, it was our church family. They took this young military wife in without batting an eye. They watched out for me, they fed me, they fixed me, they were my lifeline. I am forever humbled and grateful for them and this church. And as I mentioned it as a bittersweet time as the Pastor leaves but they will be sustained and they will make it and there are new adventures for them. They will stay faithful, committed and seeking, they will move forward.

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