Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Again, I am up early and wondering where the last week has it really Thursday again?

The calendar tells me it is.

I must skidaddle this a.m. as there will be some well deserved recognition going on at the Attic today and I must be early. Two of our younger Airmen will be given the Diamond Sharp Award by the BAFB First Sergeants Council. While all of the Attic volunteers deserve "atta boys" this two definitely dedicate themselves and go beyond other airmen volunteers we have had. The are faithful and committed to the task and cause; it is good to see. These two are definitely the type of Airmen we want and need. They are our future Air Force. I'm proud to know them and contribute alongside them.

I should be able to update with a picture later.

Other events of the day will pale in comparison, this is the good stuff. Hope your day is bright and sunny and that you are being a contributor and not just a taker. Not that one shouldn't taker but one must also be a giver. Balance is needed, and even though you may never want to be a taker chances are at some point in your life it will just be how it works out.

  • Thankful for life itself...
  • Loving springlike weather
  • Another road trip this weekend!
  • Do not growing weary doing good...
A friend made that last statement a few days back and it has really given me food for thought. I know it's not overly profound, but for me it was powerful and I latched onto it. I have been giving it much thought. The days in Blue are numbered you know? MiB and I have had many discussions lately on this very thought process. WE just didn't have it nailed down to a catchy phrase. Maybe it is sooner then I thought for life outside the Blue...

Picture added:

 Theses two Airmen do an awesome job at the Attic!

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