Monday, April 2, 2012

Productive Monday!

LilBlue's taxes are D.O.N.E. I did the happy dance many, many times when this task was completed. She will sign them this weekend and off in the mail they will go. After figuring it all out it wasn't so bad, it just took much time, too much IMO. But next year will be a breeze!

Laundry is all caught up, I have even started "gathering" for our Easter trip. It's a quick up and back and hopefully will not require too much baggage! However, taking some things to LilBlue that she picked up on SB along with things for the egg hunt, her spring basket and the folks! I guess we will not be traveling light after all!

No long awaited for phone call from the "general manager" of the hotel...hmmm, this definitely requires follow up but must proceed with, well, I am not sure with what, but this definitely requires some followup!

Also got to chat with the USPS since we are not getting our mail through the forward...I know it's a bit odd to only move next door but I would still like my mail. I know the other men (and women) in blue can do it, I know they can!

Today was also PROMOday, which is always a great day in the USAF especially if you are one of the lucky ones that are being promoted. I remember every promotion day vividly. I know I am weird like that, but I really do. The promotions to SrA below the zone and Chief are the two that are the most memorable in my mind, but all the others are awesome no doubt. It is in fact a little sad that there are no more promotions for us. I mean he could move on to a NAF or MajCom but those are not promotions, just meeting the needs of the Air Force wherever called upon to serve and anyway that isn't likely to happen, not that he isn't qualified to do that, he just doesn't know the right folks to make that happen. Some say do a great job and you will move on, I tend to find that a bit naive; the farther we have gone the more it has come to light that it is not necessarily about  how good a job you do, it is who you know or who knows you. Almost sad...but also the reality and as long as you understand that and want to stay in then it's all good. We are still livin' the dream no matter who we do or do not know!

Besides we are such small fish in a big pond. We are as I have often said the easiest people you will ever meet to forget. Which, as my threedoorsdown neighbor said, just means that we aren't butt snorkelers...LOL, and that is personally not an issue for me or MiB.  Actually we like it. We have often wondered how he got to where he is, we know no one that has "taken us along" so to speak, so we just go with the flow and thank God every day that we are getting to do what MiB loves. MiB is not the "yes man" type and often will be overlooked or praised for that quality. Depends on the day, the person and the climate. Makes me queasy to think about.  Anyway those other positions that he thought he would one day like to have are not really considered promotions just career progression. At one point in time he wanted to be THE top guy. However, we know we have progressed as far as we are going, so that BIG R word is closer rather than farther away. It's been such a great ride it will be hard to move on but also it will be another adventure when it happens that will bring much to experience. As long as that is not unemployment I think it's all good :)

It really has been a good ride, but we know our time is coming to a close and others will be the keepers of the Blue. As much as dreams come and go we are the old news, the ones putting on those new NCO stripes today they are our future, they are the ones that will be leading our Airmen and keeping our Nation safe. The life in blue is wonderful but once you get to this point you know your days are numbered. We are smart enough to know we should be looking to the next chapter. And no complaints, we KNOW we are blessed no matter! Course staying on is still an option as we have a few years left on the plate however, we know it's closer rather then farther away!

On another note it was a one of those gatherings this afternoon; you don't so much enjoy but you endure. We attended a great event for one of our Airmen who was killed a few weeks back in a car crash in Tennessee. The family was so thankful for the opportunity to meet those their son worked with, to meet those who lived in and around the environment that made their son proud. It was a good day for them. Tomorrow at the memorial it will be hard...but necessary, they will be very grateful to those in Blue who were the family to their son, they will be able to hopefully start healing from their loss. It is one of those things you don't so much enjoy but you know it is so necessary and it makes you hold more tightly to the ones you love!

Tonight I am thankful for my own family. Also for my family in Blue. Both are very times like these we are more mindful of what we have and what we don't have.

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