Sunday, April 15, 2012


So there has been a committee meeting every week for the past several weeks in preparation of this huge event. I have made many of these meetings, we have had fun. It's been a lot of work too. I have enjoyed it. I think most people don't realize what it takes to put this type of event on. It's an incredible amount of work, there are many moving parts and pieces that have to come together and it takes dedication to see it through. The folks that stepped up to be on the committee and took their roles seriously. We had a great event. I am glad it is over! But today, I am tired!!!

Before heading downstairs!

Initial food report..."It's good Chief"

 MiB with a P&Q Airman!

There was a a pretty good buffet, I had the tuna, it was okay, a little overdone for me, but the sauce was nice. The veggies were all really good IMO, that was a bonus, There was also a nice salad. I did take a couple bites of MiBs bread pudding and it was really tasty, though he didn't see the rum sauce and I heard it was uber yummy! He also had the chocolate cake which was okay in his book, not over the top good but okay. 

After the meal, the formal portion of the program began. This was our first year for this event so we didn't really know the drill. There were a few toasts, special remembrances to our fallen, POWs and MIAs and then a "parade of commanders". Not sure how I feel about this, except, well, it sorta felt like we were at prom again...and I better leave it at that.

There was an acknowledgment of a turned down invitation but a stand in was sent...

 Jamie accepts that Tebow is NOT coming!

 Jamie dancing with Tim Rebow!

With all the formalities over we were free to roam about. Fun to see everyone and connect with those we had missed earlier in the evening, especially those who ducked the receiving know who you are!

 This was truly one of the coolest dresses ever!

 Gen E shows what he's got on the drums!

Accidents not incriminate anyone, I will leave it at that!

Once we took our leave of the planned festivities we re-gathered for post activities in our more comfy clothes. Some of us even tried our hand on the casino floor. The guy I was with came out $10.69 ahead on the penny slots. Not sure how Bad Hand fared at the roulette wheel, but I think the Marines kept all their dollars in their pockets! It was a good time, too bad the "cheeseburger run" didn't pan out, maybe next time.

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