Sunday, April 22, 2012

AirShow Day 2

Oh what a perfectly, beautiful day for an airshow! Gorgeous blue skies dotted with white clouds made an absolute perfect backdrop again today for the flying about that took place.

A RED BULL jumper brought the flag in for the National Anthem!

I was so sad the B-2 was unable to make an appearance but the B-52 flew again. It also did the "bombing run" as well. Kind of cool cause the B-52 that flew today was 008 which is also known as "balls 8"  and was MiBs short term commander on his year long tour. They really only passed in the night so to speak but each seem to have connected and made quite an impression on the other. He is a stand up guy and I love the humbleness I have always observed in him. He is also an Airman's Airmen which is of course the best kind and most impressive in my book.

The Black Diamonds were also back as well as the headliners, the USAF Thunderbirds. Again, it was a stellar show. Other impressive acts, which really they all were, but I loved seeing the Oakley plane hovering just above the flight line with his smoke streaming out and the Red Bull plane was also amazing!

 The really cool Black Diamonds!
 Thunderbirds were back and doing their thing as good as ever!

 MiB even sat a moment in the Commander's Tent area and enjoyed some of the show!

Today we also took time to take a little closer look at some of the static displays.


While we were out doing post checks we ran across the P&Q girls...they are everyone. Seems to reason, they have to be everywhere so they can be minding our p's & q's for us, otherwise we might find ourselves in trouble :/ I might have mentioned this but they do have their hands full trying to keep us all straight all the time!

 P&Q girls, er ladies, yeah, no they are girls in my book!

Speaking of doing post checks we also ran through the parking areas, you know just checking things and people out, you'd be surprised the folks that show up for these events. Anyway, eagle eyes MiB spots this bag under a vehicle. I have my thoughts but you know Mr Official, he retrieves a Defender to make the call, safe or unsafe...they determine it is okay and we go on. 

I have a theory that they took the bag, which was filled with juice and kidlet snacks, got to the security checkpoint or read the guidelines of the security checkpoint and decided they wouldn't be let in or couldn't get in so someone ran it back to the vehicle and they had no keys to put it inside so they stuck it underneath. Makes perfect sense to me, but it could have easily been a bad thing in some circles. Best to be safe rather then sorry! We were!

 Suspicious bag under vehicle...

Since we did lots of post checking and went to the fartherest out post to make sure no one was being forgotten we had to gas up today. MiB did the honors and back on the circuit we went. I think our little mule got good gas mileage and if they would have let us I think MiB would have drove SMARTie around for the day but the little cart was fun too!
 Gassing up :)

 We also enjoyed fine food prepared by Superior Grill. Met lots of volunteers who kept traffic coming and going throughout the day, handed out candy and shared sunblock with those same said volunteers. I know they have had two very long days and while they may not think they did much they most certainly did. They were the work horses, the FOD walkers, the face of our base and they represented well.

Munsy Neighbor was there and she is all happy cause I brought her a drink :)

I have done a couple loads of laundry already and could do more but I am turning in for the night and praying for restful, peaceful sleep! It's another full week and I need to be ready to meet it head on! Night, all!

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