Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So long!

In the Blue Life I prefer not to say "goodbye" for it is far to permanent sounding, I prefer so long. Sounds less final and besides you may cross paths again; in fact there are many times you truly hope and pray that happens. We have met so many really outstanding folks over the years and for me there have been few that have been any kinder then the one we gathered to say "so long" to today!

The "so long" gal is third from the left...

A few thoughts on this one...she is kind, she has a beautiful smile, she is so very welcoming. I immediately enjoyed her company, I know the next year living the solo parenting life will be a challenge but she has a good support system here to help her out. She will continue to be in the community and I will enjoy crossing paths with her.

There are many more "so longs" coming up...they are not easy but we know they are part of this life in the Blue and we get through them. Then we welcome those who come in next. Part of the cycle! It's all good, but the days that we say so long are sometimes a little sad, today was one of those days. 

I'm already not wanting to think about the other "so longs" and I am so very sad I will miss KFs. It's a crummy thing. But life happens.

LilBlue will need me that day so I will be with her in the Big O. More on that another day...

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