Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday full of photos

It's a busy day as we have lunch with the greatest generation and honor POW/MIAs and I hope to have photos from that, but I wanted to upload these at least from yesterday.

It was really great to see a huge showing of DIAMONDs for the honoring of the young Airmen yesterday!

 Waiting for the appointed time...

The honorees...

 The words of honor and encouragement!

 SrA G receiving his well deserved certificate!

 Letting all the volunteers know they are doing a fabulous job and we appreciate them!!

Then there was a going away and for the first time EVER at an event I have attended there was a guy in a squirrel costume doing the emcee...what a fun evening. The up to the hour squirrel count was 154.

The SQUIRREL aka Cobra

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