Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

My heart usually does a little bit of a dip when I first realize that it is 19 April. That has happened in the years since that day back in 1995 ...a day many may have forgotten but that I shall most likely remember for my lifetime. I was working then and the building was in the downtown area...roughly 7 blocks or so from the Murrah Federal Building. Our office building had windows blown out, we did not have injuries. In the days to come many of us stood perimeter for the blast sight, it was what I imagine many of our military men and women see in the AOR. It was unreal. And the thing that still stays with me is the odor...

I am thankful that LilBlue was not so well that day; in fact I was en route to the pediatricians office that morning before the blast went off. We were in the office when they cut into the news stating that something had exploded in downtown. I am thankful her pediatrician's office was not in the downtown area. They had closed the interstate, back roads were also blocked in certain areas. Getting home was a long arduous process with a sick little girl in the back seat. I as well as many others were still really uncertain of what had actually happened. Once home, watching the continual news coverage and listening to all the speculation it was such an odd experience.We fielded calls from friends and family from all over the U.S. throughout the day assuring everyone our little family was fine. I remember trying to reach our parents for hours as "all circuits were busy"

Today is 19 April and I remember it well.

So thoughts today...
  • Two words - Air Show
  • MiB not feeling good today :(
  • Springlike weather is awesome!
As for the rest of my is a luncheon, followed by a little Attic time then another meeting, amongst other errands and things so gotta run, catch ya later :) Take time to remember the bombing survivors and the family members today. I always think of Baylee and her momma, Aren, and how she must miss her so terribly. Praying for you today Almon family!

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Anonymous said...

We were stationed at Tinker and I've spent a bit of time at the OK City Memorial. It is such a beautiful place for people to go to remember and reflect. My daughter-in-law grew up there and although she was young, she still remembers how that bombing changed her city. And it still continues to effect the city....I am always amazed at how emotional the citizens of OK City get when they talk about it, even to this day. They truly have not and won't ever forget. Thanks for posting and reminding.
~Julie Kowalski