Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter :)

It was good...

Started off in church :)

Got a nice picture of two of the ones we love very much...

There were some really cute toes!!!

After an awesome lunch of really good fried chicken, potato salad, chinese slaw, mac n cheese, deviled eggs, green salad and baked beans we started the annual hunt.
 The hunting crew and then with the extra two!

 LilBlue gathering!

 MalMal picking up her eggs!

 Nater Tater hunting...


 SCORE....bucket full of eggs for Little #2

And I do not know what happened that I did not get a picture of Little #1. He was there and hunting with the best of them! After the hunt, egg tokens were exchanged for money and prizes. It's always a riot to watch the redemption. Such decision. By the end they are giving away things to each other, it's priceless! 

Since we were driving back to LA, and LilBlue had to go north back to the Big O, and Uncle G needed to get back to OKC we all headed out. Of course we gathered and loaded the last of our things before hitting the road. It is always bittersweet to leave in the middle of things...but I did get to have strawberry shortcake before we departed :)

We snapped a few more photo's then off we went our separate ways!

 LilBlue with her Uncle G!

 Seems like we usually forget to get one of the three of us, I'm so glad we didn't today :)

It was very good...

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