Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Sport

The local AFSA Chapter 615 Spring picnic was may remember we also attended the Fall picnic shortly after we arrived. This is a very worthy organization that does AWESOME things for our Airmen. They definitely have a voice and they do a great job representing us on the Hill. I tell you this is one fine group!

I have recently discovered some interesting information about AFSA and Barksdale and will be hitting up some new members soon...I have to catch them in town though :)

Anyway, we stopped by the picnic Saturday before making our way downtown to set up, decorate and attend The Ball. It was a pleasant day and we enjoyed getting to visit with those in attendance! We also enjoyed a bit of some picnic food. They were serving up grilled burgers, dogs and sausage, local sausage I am told! There were some pretty good chips and beans too :)

MiB was a good sport and took a stint in the dunk tank...mostly the children in attendance threw and missed the target. Then they had a little help getting him to fall in. Once he went finally went down it was all over. I think there might have been a few dollars raised for a good cause!

Down he goes!

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