Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brown Hat Girls

Due to schedules that have been crazy our weekly Whine Wednesday group has been out of sorts and not meeting as scheduled at our regular place and time. It was looking kinda iffy for this week what with soccer games, baseball practice and you know, life in general but we all made it. Yes, finally this week we were all back together again.What a gabfest it was as we caught up on our lives and planned our weekend activities. 

Mrs Marine who was a soccer mom earlier in the evening dashed in straight from the game donning her stylin' sunshades and hat. Everyone oohed and aahed over her cuteness. She is too cute for real! And since the Airshow is coming up we all thought we all might need hats and shades so we took turns trying on Mrs Marines getup! 

 THE Hat Owner

Neighbor #1

 Neighbor #2
 Main Baser 

 Yours truly...

Yeah, the owner pulls it off best but we had fun trying! And I might try to find something to wear for the airshow since it could be warm and a hat might be a good thing!

This weekend is one of the big hubba baloo events for our base and we are all going :) Some of us are even staying at the venue where the event will be! There will be pre and post gatherings, it will be, wait for it, E. P.I.C.  How could this group NOT have fun, we are the neighborhood social committee! Of course the only minus is that they all get to sit together and MiB and I will be off at another table, but again, we are not going to dwell on that, there are the pre and post gatherings after all to look forward to!

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