Friday, April 20, 2012

No AirShow tonight :/

It was very sad but the rainy weather and lightening did put the AirShow out of business for the night...yep, the flying part of the AirShow had to be cancelled :( but the Provider's Reception went on as scheduled. Since the flying part did not happen the MAC reception did not go on as planned...jambalaya anyone??????

Earlier this afternoon THE Thunderbirds came for a a meet and greet for a special group of guest. I certainly do think those guest were wowed...what a great event to witness! Just seeing the faces light up and the friendly competition to get autographs and pins was a pleasure to watch. I actually snagged a couple trading pins myself! I mean really they were just walking around and handing them out, so I obliged and accepted one. MiB traded some of his personal coins for pins, sort of.  and even some uh tattoos were traded for pins...the whole trading of things is pretty interesting and fun! Looking forward to more as the weekend progresses.

 The 5!

 I wanted my picture with the #5 cause he does most of the upside down flying :) I feel like I fly upside down most of the time so it was an instant bonding session! How cool is that and he has his number embroidered on upside down to represent all that upside down flying he does as well!

The Provider's Reception was not at all what I was sponsored by the Med Group, it was local area provider's as well as our Military Treatment Facility provider's. And, in addition, our Med Group had booths to showcase the different programs and services they offer; it was somewhat informational and certainly educational and it was also good to get to meet some exceptional Airmen in our Med Group. They do not have an easy job.

One of the mass casualty "victims"

Night, tomorrow is a B.I.G. day :)

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