Friday, April 20, 2012

My Arm Update and the Air Show

I just know you have been waiting for this update!

Actually I bet you have already forgotten they were going to cut off my arm to try and figure out what was wrong with it. That was sooooo last week! I am glad my MiB and WW friends were like, "NO" don't let them do that, get a referral. So I did. And today I went to said referral appointment and well, it's...wait for it...they don't know. I know! I was disappointed too. Like these ARE the skin specialist, the people who KNOW skin stuff. Even if the doctor I saw looked like he was in 5th grade! So I feel really great now, my arm isn't getting cut off and it isn't supposed to fall off anytime soon either! WOoHOo!

And seriously, they did not even suggest cutting off my arm...and they were glad I came to see them! They said that said arm should not be cut on anyway, they would most likely only shave it, so yeah, I'm overly excited with that option too! Okay, seriously, they were not ever going to cut my arm off, they were going to do a punch biopsy. It would have most likely left a scar. They really do not know what it is. BUT the good thing is according to these skin specialist people is that it is not any worse then when I originally noticed it and it's not spreading.

So I walked out with FREE heavy duty steroid cream to slather on it and make it better, or at least that's the plan. You know they do "PRACTICE" medicine. So again, hoping this three weeks I go back, we'll see what happens then. So stayed tuned this story is still being written!

 New picture; old arm and looking pretty much like it did...

In other news we are moving to the main base for the weekend. Did your heart skip a beat at the prospect of us moving again? It's only for the next two days while the BAFB Air Show is going on. It will just be so much more convenient for us to be over there. There is so much fun stuff going on and we will get to attend all the neat things they have to offer we won't want to come home anyway!

I will have internet and hope to post pictures each day :) I'm a little giddy as I have just read the event brief and MiB gets a golf cart! OMG, this could so end up being waaaay more fun then I even had imagined!!!

Over and out, I'm going to meet the air boss and some very special guest for today's mini show, weather permitting. It's sorta cloudy rainy, sloppy out right now, but Saturday and Sunday are looking way good!

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