Friday, November 18, 2011

Brrrr...I'm thankful for heat!

Oh my we have some COOLER weather here in LA, like low 30s, yes I know, unreal since it was near 80 earlier in the week and will be high 70s this weekend. I am not so fond of the coolness, yesterday I had a scarf on with my lightweight jacket with my ensemble. By mid afternoon I needed neither (but I was still wearing my blazer) as it was gorgeous out. I love nice days. I wish I would have felt like being out in it more. However, after the lunch I was pretty much wiped out and came home to a hot tea and sitdown kinda afternoon! At this time of year mornings often roll in cool but by lunchtime it is my kind of day!

This morning I did cave and flip the switch to heat!

 Bit nippy in here at 65* this a.m. brrrrrr

Not sure what my attire will be when I venture out did read that right, I am venturing out. I am feeling sooooo much better, not totally over this but definitely feeling better and have things that I have put off all week that I would like to have done before the weekend. Just a few errands that I really would like to get out of the way, stop at the commissary AGAIN, geez I feel like I go there EVERY time I am on main base, BBB, Ross, Michael's or Hobby Lobby, you know the mundane little things.

 My best friend this morning until the heat took the chill off!

Can you believe we were still using the AC merely two days ago! CRAZY!!! But the silver lining for me anyway is that the SUN is shining, yes, that makes cool (or even COLD) weather waaaay more tolerable in my book! So I am thankful for not only heat in my house today but for the sunshine!

I think that if at all possible, we will be firing this thing up now that they "fixed" it and enjoy some cozy time together right in front of it! I know, right, you're jealous again? Don't be! Go make your own thankfulness today, tomorrow and the next day, it's a choice you know?!

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