Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for holiday decorations!

It may seem silly, but I am thankful for our holiday decorations. They are not designer, the are not all matchy, matchy, but they are ours, some are faded, some have had to be glued, some might even qualify as ugly...but they are all special in some way and they have great stories or memories to them.

 What to do with all this great stuff!

It's such a treat to bring out the boxes and boxes of our holiday decorations, to reminisce about when we got what and where, and how and why. It's so much fun, it's usually more fun with LilBlue around as she remembers things in such a way that always amazes us. But this year MiB is helping with the decorating, which is not usually the case. It's usually LilBlue and I or just me the last couple of years. Since LilBlue is not here to help it is a bit sad. But it's all part of the process of life. We are enjoying the memories of her anyways!

I have a few items on a list to look for to help complete the holiday decorating scheme. We have weeded out a few things this year, couple things were broken from this latest move and some things, well they are just too tired to use anymore. And as tired as they may be they cannot be gotten rid of, not just yet anyway maybe in another year or two but not this one!

The snowmen waiting to be placed!

In the dining room I am trying to have the blues and silvers of our decor and in the family room area the greens and reds. Most of the snowman things are going to end up in the entry and then there will be  the nativities scattered throughout. It's hopefully all going to come together. Right now we are taking a break to watch a little football after having had lunch. Holiday decorating takes time you know, you can't rush it!

 Ummm, yes, MiB was taking pictures! I was unaware...

So the fact that today's post has pictures at all is courtesy of MiB, thanks honey, you know pictures always make a post better in my book, even if the pictures aren't that great...LOL

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