Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful for breakfast in my own kitchen...

I know I have lamented about the eating establishments around this area or more specifically the lack thereof that appeal to MiB and I so as of late every time MiB suggest eating out I counter offer, "how about I fix ya something special" or "nah, I just feel like eating in". This serves two purposes, it keeps us from being disappointed yet again with the local flare and saves us some $$ and who doesn't want to save some $$? Dontcha know I feel so smug :)

So this morning, we considered our options and our plans for the day and then we decided on a plan...we would make breakfast! We have some awesome ham from our day after Thanksgiving meal, we had a few hash browns left in the freezer from another recipe and of course we had eggs on hand and bread for toast. It was very yum, MiB utilized a leftover kaiser roll and made a sandwich with his hard egg and ham and added a nice slice of cheese. I went the traditional route and had a soft egg, toast (whole wheat even!) with jelly (sugar free cherry! YUM) and ham and we both enjoyed the hash browns!

Breakfast is served!

So in reality the thankfulness is for our breakfast this a.m. but in the bigger picture of this thankfulness season it is more about that...that I am thankful that we have food, that we are not in need, that we have a pantry that is well stocked, a freezer that is pretty darn full and a refrigerator that although at times it does not always contain what we want, it does hold things that will sustain us, we are not wondering where our next meal is coming from, that is what I am really thankful for. 

We are fortunate that this is the case when so many are not certain where they will sleep tonight, how they will pay their bills or make their next meal. So many are needing jobs. It's a sobering thought and I know it doesn't always hit home how blessed we are, we have not personally been touched by circumstances such as this. However, volunteering at the Airmen's Attic and seeing the gratitude on these young ones faces that we offer food as part of our program and that we increased the limit from 5 food items to 10 this last week made me realize that right here within our own blue suits times are not easy! It's sobering...

I've said it before and I know I will say it again, it's all in perspective as to how you feel about where you are...there is ALWAYS someone doing better then you and ALWAYS someone doing worse The takeaway I get from this is to be thankful for where ya are and whatcha got!

So imma out of here, we are off to find an adventure today!

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