Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful for myMiB

We arrived home shortly after 1 AM this was a great weekend for many, many reasons but that drive, which is 8+ hours no matter how you slice it is killer. However, we are safely back, LilBlue is safely back and it's all good. I noticed this a.m. that the post for yesterday went up wordless. I did it from my phone and there were words when I sent it but I have yet to figure out the trick to where the wording goes that it gets actually posted when I do it like that. So I re-added them this morning.

 The two I love the mostest :)

I sit here this a.m. drinking awesome good cappuccino sitting next to a great man who even though we made it back and could have gone to work this morning chose to stay in and enjoy a fuzzy, lazy morning with me. Going to a wedding always makes me recall our own day and how blessed I am to be married to this man, a man of great integrity, a man with a solid work ethic who provides so abundantly for our family, a man who has patience with me in my moments and love for my family, a man who takes care of all things. Thank you to MiB for being the man in my life who is just totally amazing; you are loved by your two girls more then you will ever know and we are so thankful for you.

Since we are back the job calls and we do have an event to attend this evening and laundry calls, uh screams my name! Amazing how being gone just a couple days can generate this much stuff to wash! I am glad I have time to catch up before the week gets rolling, it's a full schedule. What are you thankful for today? If nothing quickly comes to mind besides chocolate you need to re-evaluate...just sayin'! Seriously, chocolate is a lovely thing but there is WAAAAAY more to life then chocolate. Start living in the real world, get your priorities straight on the things you are thankful for and make your life count is way that matters to you and those things or people you are truly thankful for.

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