Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

I am still a bit under the weather, I have been "out" only once this week other then to go to the doctor on Monday. I felt I should attend an evening meeting yesterday, so I went, I left, I came home, I crashed, cause it "took it out of me" so to speak. Which speaking of speaking, my voice is sort of kind of back. It's not 100% but it's getting there. However, today I am went out again, went to a fancy smancy shindig, I hope I am germ free...I feel much better, but I know I am still fighting this mudbug!

MiB and I attended a luncheon for a really neat lady we met soon after we arrived LA. She is a retired Chief's wife, she is also a widow. She is quite spry, she is always smiling. She is an advocate for ALL things military. She works with the local Military Affairs Council, she works with the Chamber, she attends lots of events, she financially supports many, many things, she also leverages her employer to support Airmen and other worthy causes as well.


Today she was being honored for all of those things and many more that I have not mentioned. She invited us to the luncheon. We are honored she chose us. She is a true gem!

 Thanks Ms Helen for ALL you do!

  • I love soup on a cool day!
  • Follow up calls sometimes annoy me...
  • week away, what to do?
  • Losing your voice makes talking on the phone tough!
Oh and these are my new red shoes, aren't they just too cute? I love them. I have already worn them twice and then again today. I love that they truly are that POP of color I needed to feel all pulled together and trendy. Even though I was skeptical of getting them, I think it was $ well spent. Now if I could only find a pointed toe flat that has that same POP quality, I think my fall winter wardrobe would be in pretty good shape.


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