Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This morning as I watch the news and such I am thankful I am not experiencing cold and snow in my world. I am also praying that the weather holds for our travels this weekend. We will be making a quick to trip to MO this weekend and LilBlue will be coming down as well, so I am praying for good travel weather for all involved.

I find as I mature (yeah, you can read that age if you want!) I prefer a warmer climate. In fact as MiB and I discuss retirement plans we are keeping that in mind. While we don't know where we will end up ultimately, we know if we have our druthers we will be choosing a warmer climate over a colder one to be sure. Course if the MiB has his way we will be in Hawaii and while I think that would be okay for a while I am not sure living there all the time would be thing either.

So today I sit here with a headache after a very little sleep night...not sure what's up with that. I have had a few days of uneasiness...that is usually not a good thing in my world. I am still trying to pinpoint the heart of it. I know I am juggling several things and feeling somethings are taking way too much of my time and other things I should be giving more time to, it's a balance. I still have not reached a balance here. I still do not feel connected here. I don't think that is really bothering me but maybe it is. The job here is bigger, has way more to it and I don't feel quite like I have a handle on it and the expectations are there. I know I will not be all things to all people and I have never tried to do that anyway; however, I do try to keep up. I try to keep the big picture in mind and not get too in the weeds, nonetheless, I do find myself out there, taking on too many little things that really someone else should have done at a much lower level but didn't and then it's really become an issue with someone or something. I am trying REALLY harder to stay out of those weeds...

I have a small to do list today, so now that I have had my cappuccino I should really get on to it. I hope the things I need to pick up do not prove difficult, I am once again on a mint hunt. I had this same hunt going on last year about this time for a birthday bash. I also need nuts, that will be the easy one!

I am outta here, enjoy your day. Oh, and it's an uber good friends b-day today so Happy Birthday LS!

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