Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh yeah I am so thankful!

Today I will focus on being thankful for my family...they are the good, the bad and the ugly but they are mine, they are all I have and I love them. I am the first to admit sometimes I don't like them, but honestly I do ALWAYS love them. That's the truth, come hell or high water I love my family. I am thankful for the additions to the family I have had. I am glad we have a relationship in spite of being second go round related. It's nice to honestly say we love each other but even nicer to know we like each other too!

I am thankful for my family, oh yes I am!

Oh and it's my very own special day...yep, Happy Cake day to me! I think I am getting an awesome homemade cake from a high school friend and I am pretty excited about that :) Course, I am not too thrilled about the calories I will consume enjoying said cake but hey that's how that sort of thing seems to work!

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