Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful for Health

Wow, I have had a crummy feeling weekend. It was made worse because we had great company and I felt so yuck. I still was able to function pretty well, though I feel like I napped a lot. I did cook some good food and we laughed a lot even though my voice is gone. Now I think I might have pink eye, exactly, HOW did I get that? Not sure but I googled it and it says it will go away on it's own in 7-10 days.. I went to bed with a red left eye Saturday night, had a real red left gooey eye on Sunday along with a slightly pink right eye and well today, both are reddish eyes. And it was the right one that was gooed up this a.m. The left eye I can feel, it doesn't really hurt, I can just feel it. Sounds strange I know but when you think about it do you really feel your eyes in your face/head? No, I think not; I know I do not feel my eyes on a daily basis. I know their there, but I don't feel them, today and yesterday I can feel the left eye.

I had yet to navigate the "appointment line" here, I was sort of dreading it, don't know why, it was painless minus the 12 minute wait to speak with a TriCare representative. I got in, 10:40 today, not with my PCM but who cares! I'm in! I know I still need to make some follow up appointments that I have been putting off so I will be calling back to do that later. As Monday a.m. is just NOT the time to get your routine appointments taken care of especially when you have no voice. I mean the lady didn't even grill me as to why I needed to come in, guess she assumed! I really have to make these other appointments as I have exhausted the wait until we are settled excuse, ugh, did I mention I just have this thing about NOT LIKING TO GO TO THE doctor? I will have to act...and soon.

Anyway, I am still thankful for my health. I suffer from no major medical issues that I am aware of. I rarely am sick. really! I am in good overall health. Right now I have what is probably something viral that will clear on it's own. I think I just have not built up any immunity to these MudBug Cajun germs around here! I really have been blessed with great health; I go to the doc only when necessary, cause as you know, I do NOT LIKE TO GO TO THE doctor, in case you skipped over that point earlier! You know, I need that yearly female appointment and all that jazz. I am also due for an eye exam. In fact if I would have had a voice when I made the appointment I would have asked should I go to the optometrist or see my PCM? I mean my main issue are the red green gooey eyes. Not to mention I really am overdue for new glasses and it's nearly time for my next dental check up too! Yee Haw! Oh yeah, I am so jumping for joy, NOT, for all these upcoming needed appointments. And now I am thinking why did I wait so long, I mean, knew I should have scheduled some of these back in August and now here we are in November. If I would have already seen an eye doctor I could have just called there for this but since I do not have a doc yet I didn't think I would be able to be seen for the first time as a sicky!

Still I say again I am thankful for my health...that is the point! And since I am a bit under the weather I am thankful that I have it. I hope you can find something to be thankful for today and really everyday...because honestly, we do have so much to be thankful for we just need to make sure we take time to remember that It doesn't matter your circumstances at the moment take a big picture look, YOU DO HAVE things you can be thankful for I'm pretty sure of it. And well, if you don't, do something about it!

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