Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for our vehicles!

Today and yesterday we worked on cleaning up our vehicles. They had gotten a bit in disarray and neither of us likes that. Little Red was still suffering from the trip to MO a few weeks ago with wedding transport remnants and some trash scattered all around. Those mums made a mess in my cargo area and needed to be cleaned in the worst way! The back seat was also just in need of de-cluttering as it had become the catchall for all things from the reusable shopping bags, sunshade, snacks, cooler and such to tissues and extra shoes! Now it is back in good order. It's been wiped down, vacuumed and washed. It's a nice sight! It's a pretty little red vehicle!

SMARTIE was in just as bad shape if not worse...MiB is hard on a car. He tosses everything in it. It's his home away from home and it gets ahead of him quickly if we don't take time to undue all the clutter he accumulates regularly. So we got that sorted out and straightened up then wiped her down inside and out as well as vacuumed her. He loves using this product on her and she shines just like new after every application! She still houses his needs but she is more put together and squeaky spiffy clean now!

So today I am not only thankful for the vehicles that allow us to get from point A to point B but for the fact that they are now all shiny nice and clean. I am thankful they are paid for also, that they are in good solid running order, that they are not gas hogs that we have to continually visit the petro station for and that they are reasonable in insurance premium costs. All those things are great in my book of thankfulness! I am glad we are able to utilize such nice modes of transportation, we are blessed. I am very thankful to be able to ride instead of walk or bike to get where we want to go. I am grateful they are road worthy and we do not have to think twice about road trips. Again, it's not one of those things I give much thought to on a daily basis, but it is something I am thankful for as I am sure you are too if you take the time to think about it!

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