Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for FACEBOOK!

Really, I am thankful for FB! It's a craze I know and I kept up with it much better in it's earlier days, but I still love it. It's such a neat avenue to keep in touch.

I have to admit I have defriended people, I know, I know, but I'm still a pretty nice person! It's just that after we are friends I see that your posts are pretty raunchy for me and my world so I hit DELETE. I have also just ignored friend request, seriously, I have! I have sometimes felt kind of bad about that, like if I know you or I just don't know you well enough to be my friend or if I just think it's awwwkward. So if we just met or you know my husband don't friend me cause I'm pretty sure I'm not going to confirm you! Other times I have just honestly not known you. I have even messaged some of our "friends in common" to try and find out who you are and still been uncertain. I feel good about having some parameters with FB it works for me.

Oh and I have totally been defriended as well...yeah, I know, GASP, right? Earlier this year my, at the time, SiL defriended me. She has since become my no longer SiL. I wasn't really sure why at first I was defriended then it became apparent it was an across the board defriending as she defriended all things Mxxxxm. When the whole Big D started going down I had thought there might be some sort of neutral contact/relationship but once the defriend thing happened I guess that pretty much told me/us that option was off the table. Not to worry, I still get messages from her..yes, you read that right and I personally find it totally, well, awkward. I mean you defriend me then you wish me Happy 25th anniversary and Happy Birthday, I just don't get that. But then again I always did have a hard time wrapping my brain around her inner thought processes. I felt we had much to agree on, we were after all married to Mxxxxm Men, but when push came to shove it is my belief she never fully committed to or trusted hers. Enough of this though! The post is not about that it's about my being thankful for FB.

So anyway, I am a FB fan, it's been a wonderful way to stay in touch with those who we have been closer to at one time or another. It's a neat way to see into the lives of those you once shared so much more with and do to time or location that is no longer possible. It's awesome to sit and read up on what's going on with those you enjoy. I am thankful I have that. It's the little of my friends had this post recently and it sums it up pretty well!
To every single one of you who are on my friends list --I enjoy catching up, hearing
about you and your family, sharing jokes and news, along with getting and sometimes giving support during good times and bad times too. I am not only glad
to count you as my friends, but also as my family. Thank you all so very much for being part of my life!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Susie said...

It is pretty handy, isn't it?