Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding...Thankful we could be there!

The Littles were adorable at the wedding...I'm so very thankful we could be there to help out with the festivities! We had the fun of being last minute planners, decorators, errand runners and all around helpers to do what ever was asked of us! We also did some "what we thought should be done" things too! A garage was transformed! It was really neat to be apart of it! I pray for their future and happiness, I pray they stay as committed as it takes to make it work!

LilBlue caught the bouquet and of course is ready for that day in more then a day dreamy sort of way as most young women her age are...I fear that day will be hear sooner then we want! We know of course this is a natural progression in a relationship we just pray that they know we believe it should be for better or worse; should not be entered into lightly for convenience sake or any other reason then to be married and become one and work as a team on a life built together, period.

I'm so thankful for the weekend with family! It's great to be able to get together for fun things such as a wedding! Now we are in the car headed south for the long drive home and LilBlue is headed north. Prayers for all of our travels to be safe!

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