Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for loooong weekends!

I am so thrilled to have an extra day with MiB. That's a big bonus in my book! It looked at first like we were taking a road trip, which would have been fine by me. One direction would have taken us south to the beach, but then the "wave outlook" changed and it just wasn't going to be worth it to drive there without waves. Then we were going west and well, that just didn't work for any number of reasons, so we ended up just hanging out right here in our own area. And NO, we did not do Black Friday! In fact we did not contribute to the success of any retailer today with the exception of a grocery store stop. You couldn't pay me enough to partake in that madness. Seriously, I am not a shopper anyway and to shop on this day is just not in my plan EVER. I get it, great deals can be had, you can have my portion! For me, it's not worth it in any way, shape or form, period. I will pay a little bit more, IF there is even anything I want, which I couldn't even tell you! I don't know because I did not even look at the ads. Usually someone goes to buy a paper just to see what's available, but we didn't this year. I am not feeling like I missed anything.

Now part of this could be that I am not shopping for much in the first place, I mean our one and done will be 21 and what she is getting has already been got. And remember I am not a shopper! MiB and I are pretty low key in our gift giving, in fact most of the time we do not exchange gifts. We do, however, do stockings. Then there are the nieces and nephews that we buy for and our parents and a few others and that is it. So it's not a big list and it's not a big deal and I am 90% done with the shopping. The other things I need, I need MiB to weigh in on and then finalize a group gift that we are participating in, so it's easy low stress holiday shopping in my world and I am soooo okay with that. Hence, one of the BIG reasons I enjoyed the day with MiB and we just took a little drive, went to a movie, made a grocery store stop on our way home. I just enjoyed awesome leftovers and now we are going to watch a bit of football as we enjoy the rest of our day together. It's been a great day.

Looking forward to a replay tomorrow...not the same things we will do, or maybe we will, I don't know, but I do know we will enjoy each other and whatever we do and continue to love the long weekend!

So, yeah, for long weekends! I am thankful for them!!!

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