Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for music

I love to have the radio on when I am at home and I enjoy it on low in the car. I don't have a singing voice, but I love to listen to those who do. I enjoy all types of music from country, to classical, to big band (one of my favs!), to hip hop and I even like some rap from time to time. I enjoy the oldies, I love jazz, I like bluegrass. It's something that relaxes me, it makes me smile, it calms me. I discovered this fun place and even have it on my phone!! Love it!

As we unpacked the Christmas boxes I loved finding the Christmas CDs, can't wait to listen to them, but not yet, I don't do that til after 1 December. In fact right now if Christmas music comes on the radio I change it, it's too soon, I'm funny like that.

Personally I wish I would have been blessed with a "voice" and I really wish I would have stuck with the piano lessons and flute playing, but I did not. I had trouble with the whole reading music thing, I mean I really stuck at it and therefore grew frustrated cause I always felt lost. I loved the instrument but I was not musically inclined and so I just gave it up. I am glad that MiB has musical talents, I love it when he sings, especially to me, LilBlue is also talented, she definitely got vocals. I am thrilled and I love to hear her sing too! I wish she did it more!

I'm off to tidy up, it's been a full day and I was not at home so I need to get a load of laundry done and run the vacuum. I might even dust if I'm feeling especially bold! HA This morning in the bathroom, I threw the hand towel in the corner to knock down a cobweb...I think I need to do more then tidy up but I fear that's all that is going to happen for now!I have to tackle the Christmas boxes that need to be put away first!

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