Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for Twin #2

I have MiB, but did you know there are two? Yes, MiB is a twin. This amazes most people that there are two...seriously, meet either one of them and then find out there are two and well, most people just cannot believe it.

I originally met them separately. I actually met Twin #2 first, we became friends immediately and we are still friends to this day and would be even if he were not my brother in law. We have forged a relationship in addition to our now being related, I know I can count on him, he knows he can count on me. It's a good thing.

As of late (read that, since he got his big ugly DIVORCE) we have seen and talk to him sooooo much more. Sure it sucks he went through (and is still wading through the settlement muck of it) the big D but MiB and I were discussing it after a recent weekend with him that we have probably talked to him and seen him more in the last 3 months then in the last 13 years several years. We are thrilled! Just wish it wasn't under the circumstances it is. The relationship Twin #2 and MiB has is not anything I have ever tried to totally understand, I just went with it and instantly accepted it. It is. There is also an unexplainable bond between Twin#2 and LilBlue, she is his in a way that we all accept as well. Again, it is.
 Twin # & I in OKC not too long ago

When we were with LilBlue a few weekends ago I was thrilled to learn how up to date on him she was, I was proud! MiB was amazed. I think they are communicating more then ever, it is awesome to see and hear. I am glad for them both, I mean we are all family, we do not really have to like each other however, we do and that makes life good. It does my heart good. So if there can be a silver lining in the Big ugly D perhaps this is it...something to ponder for sure.

Twins recently at the MiBs office!

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