Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for New Friends!

Today was the November Girls birthday lunch. What fun we had, the food was good but the conversations and laughs were the bestest! I am glad to be included with such a neat group. We have been many places and served with many faces but these are truly some of the best. The cupcake was awesome yum and I wanted to eat the entire thing but I had one bite! Yeah for me :)

I am thankful for the many friendships we have forged over the years as MiB has worn the blue suit, it's been awesome and we are still in touch with so many of these folks. They are so much more then friends in so many ways; they are family. We are thankful to have been blessed enough to cross paths with such a great group. In retirement, which really isn't that far off, we hope that we can reconnect with others that we have served with. That will be so much fun! We are both looking forward to that!

Happy Tuesday to you and a BIG Happy Birthday shout out to my own father as he celebrates another year...he is 81 today! While he does face some unfun stuff he is blessed to be surrounded by the Littles on a regular basis along with other immediate family in the area and they certainly do him good. The Littles especially provide him with much laughter and stories to share. He is doing okay despite a few areas that he wishes were better, I think for 81 he is doing swell!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Frizzy said...

Happy belated Birthday to your daddy! You are one of my cherrished friends/family from my own hubbie's days in blue. Hugs!