Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for LilBlue!

Last, BUT CERTAINLY not least I am thankful for our LilBlue! I mean that is an obvious one but I wanted to take the time to state the obvious while in this series of thankful post!

She is our one and done! She is our sunshine! We have called her STORMY and stickgirl among other things. She rocks the hugs. She is indescribable on many fronts. She can dance, man can she dance! And she can sing, oh my!

We would not trade this girl for anything, she is a oneofakind irreplaceable best of both of us (okay, and worst ; /)! She has been and continues to be a MAJOR source of joy in the lives of many, along with gray hair! Can I get an amen on that? LOL

Yes, to be realistic she has also been the source of many tears, what child isn't? From hurt, frustration, disappointment and anger, that's the growing up part that is the truth of rearing a child, it's the part that stretches you to get through it. It's when you hurt as a parent...When you are all to aware that you are a parent as opposed to a friend to this soon to be independent person you are charged with raising. It's not easy, and some days it's not even fun and you wonder what in the world you have gotten yourselves into and how bad have we screwed it up? After all, she did go through her teen years... It was a time of growing and unbelievable stretching for all involved (cause I have mentioned maybe once or twice we were the involved parents, who asked lots of questions and didn't allow as much as others, some might even say we were strict...too strict...). She was trying to become her own person, become independent, have opinions, you know all the things we want for her, but we don't like so much how you get'em there and that she's "getting it" with an attitude! It was a hard time, those teen years, they are definitely not times I would want to live over again, I'm glad she is where she is. She is twenty now you know? Shikey's in just a few weeks she will be, uh, 21!

She has some great people skills, and she is still head strong in her thoughts, she is a solid moral person and she is way more intelligent then she gives herself credit for. She is right in the middle of learning "adult life" and I think she is on her way to the "good life"whatever that may be! And I feel like she is truly thankful for her family, she knows the importance of that even though she is not as physically near to us now she knows we are available to her and would move heaven and earth need be to be there for her. She is in the midst of life training and so far, so good. It's not been easy for her, EVER, but she keeps putting one foot in front of the other, even IMO when others might not of.

She has a pretty good sense of humor, but as with most (including me!) doesn't enjoy being laughed at...though she will laugh at herself most of the time! Oh, and surprise, she doesn't like to lose at anything (hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?), she has OCD, which sucks, but she has learned and is still learning strategies to work with it and we continually pray that battle will be won in her life! She is social, she is kind, she is beautiful. She likes to take LONNNNNG hot showers, she likes to sleep in, she likes to watch movies, she enjoys her seafood! She may not admit it cause I think she is thinking she will be in NE forever but she does have a bit of the wonder lust, she enjoys travel! She loved our HI trip earlier this year as well as traveling all over Europe with us! She wants us to take her here too!

So back to the original thought...I am, as well as MiB, so VERY THANKFUL for LilBlue! 143 :)

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