Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful for Charity Events

Today was the OSC Basket Auction! This is a worthy event that raises funds for the Hap House Christmas party! The BESG contributed so they invited some of us to attend. Wow these ladies have deep pockets, I did put some bids in early on but I was unwilling to keep up. Worthy or not I have my limits! I did end up with a was not one of the baskets I originally wanted however I did really like one of the paintings in this basket! It was just such an odd assortment with no real theme but no matter I was the winner and now I have a pretty cool fleur de lis along with another painting I may use!

I'm on my phone and I will add a couple other pics later!

Updated with a couple pictures!

 The only thing I wanted out of the basket!

I could potentially use this one...not sure.

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