Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful for...well, the little things!

Today, I am keenly aware of the little things. I am thankful for them and I am glad that I have realized I should be. You know putting the ole "take time to smell the roses" philosophy into practice more then just for the big things. It was an easy saying to modify when we lived in Colorado several years ago and we said it a lot when we knew life was getting too full...we would say take time to look at the mountains.With all the busyness of a college setting, so many experiences available and lots of opportunities to succeed (read that lots of working hours to put in) we made sure we took time to look at those mountains. Here there are no mountains...

So in LA I am learning to take the small and I do mean small things as in little bits of time that aren't relegated to "duty" and not dwell on what isn't but to live with what is. To be sure I am living in the here and now of the amount of time we have and what is. That is tough! MiB works loooooong hours here to be sure, (he always has, but it seems more so here or maybe I'm just getting older and less tolerant!). I see him more at official events and functions then I do at home during our waking hours. He is constantly on the go, I know it comes with the territory, this is a BIG air base and there are many, many needs with so much going on. I am not complaining (well maybe a little, but I am making more of an observation for the time we are in). So as I am reflecting on my thankfulness for the little things this is what comes to my mind. I am  right now happy to have the little bits of time that we are able to carve out. Like today! It's important and I try to take every little bit that we can find and make the most of that; I am acutely aware that we need to make sure we are not letting life keep us from living. Yes, that sounds a bit strange dontcha think? But read it again, say it out loud even... Make sure you don't let life keep you from living!

 And WE DID enjoy the fireplace last night, it was cozy! We also had a lovely dinner together after he made it home, it was a great evening, even if we were in bed exhausted by 9 PM!

Hopefully, we have an uneventful weekend, so far a BBQ for tonight and then a few other loose ends to be tied up for the job and a meeting this evening but praying for many little moments together...heck, even BIG ones!

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