Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 8

What a beautiful day in LA. We had a LATE night, so we got a slow start on our day. However, we did make it to the AFSA Picnic where MiB played on the kid toys. It was a great day for a picnic and we enjoyed meeting some new folks. It was great to put faces with names and meet the "other half" of some of the folks we had already met.

After the picnic, which we did not actually eat since we were talking and playing, we went to a new diner. Yep, well it's a onefer, we went once and won't need to go back. The cheeseburger MiB had was not able to finished, barely started actually...what I got was okay but nothing to bring me back. That's a neat thing of living in so many different places you get to try lots of different eateries. Unfortunately, since arriving here in LA we are not having much success of what we would define as "good". But we are still taking suggestions and looking for places on our own.

Short and Sweet today, military life was pretty simple, the night was long, phone calls and such, but the day was great. It will be early to bed for us and tomorrow will be a new day! We shall see what it holds...I do know there is a parade scheduled and also maybe a movie for us :)

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