Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 10

So in case you are just stopping by or not sure why I am on a posting frenzy, it is a challenge going on within the blogging world of some of the bloggers I enjoy reading. I jumped on the band wagon at the last minute (even figured out how to link and make a "button" with a little help). Now I quickly came up with the "title" for this challenge and really I feel it is a bit misleading...I mean it is not really truly "military life" so to speak, it is just ordinary stuff in our life as a military family but I committed to blog EVERY day of this month. That was the biggie, blogging every single day! There are 700 or so others who made this commitment as well! Check it out here!

There are some REALLY, really good reads, some really, REALLY talented writers, I am not at all in the same class as them, we are all on a journey and I am sharing part of our journey on this blog! I just decided to join in last minute, which is really out of character for me and it's been kind of fun and scary all at the same time! I am having fun at this spontaneous decision, who knows what I might try next :)

So on to DAY 10!

It's Columbus Day, MiB has the day off, most people didn't even realize it was a holiday, not many people get the day off for this particular holiday. Banks and Federal employees I think are about it. Schools are still in session (at least in this area), stores are all open, so it's a pretty low key holiday. That's okay with me. I'm enjoying the time with MiB, something I will take any day of the week for any reason. It's all good in my book when we have a non committed day.

This afternoon we do have the New Kids on the Block gathering and other then that we have no commitments, WOOHOO!!!

 The grill was wheeled down the street! Thanks COL!

 We did have a sprinkle but thankfully there was a great canopy brought out, then the rest of the time was spent visiting and getting to know each other, overall I say SUCCESS!

In fact everyone wanted to know when we would be doing it again, soooooo we are already mulling over ideas for November. I am now the "get together coordinator and we also have a volunteer offer to put together some game nights, so we are on our way to a building great community relations with our neighbors and most of us seem really excited about that :) I know I am, and so is MiB!

What are we doing on our non-committed day? Enjoying a lazy day...yeah, I know, not very exciting and I am STILL in my PJs and soooo okay with that even though it just passed the 11 o'clock hour! I am going to fix lunch soon, but wanted to get my post up first. I hope I will update it later this evening with some of the "gathering' photos!

I hope you are enjoying your day! That's all :)


Frizzy said...

I think you should do a roaming dinner. Start with appetizers at one home, move to the next for dinner and end at someone's for desserts. Always fun plus you get to see how the neighbors live. LOL

Mrs. Blue said...

So funny you should say that, we are planning to do this and we thinking New Year's Eve :) We have heard it called a progressive dinner but I like your phrase of "roaming dinner" that's got a ring to it!