Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 12

Shhh, that IS wet pavement outside my patio's sort of raining, sprinkling for sure and they say it will continue this the rest of the afternoon and possible into the night. WoooooooooHooooo. We so so so need rain, it's been one of the HOTTEST summers on record here, triple digits for over 69 days with not any measurable moisture in a long time, so I am hoping this wet pavement sticks around for awhile.

Just to be even more honest, I am thrilled I am home. I had an early meeting (read that o dark thirty), then stopped by the commissary, dry cleaners and shopette before I made my way back home. I am one who likes to be at home in inclement weather. I know rain hardly qualifies as inclement weather but for me it does :) It's just my personal preference not to be out in it; I have even postponed car travel due to rainy weather, I just don't like to be out in it. I don't like to be out in snow either.

So now that I am home, it's a catch up afternoon. I need to finish my Bible study for PWOC tomorrow, that is Protestant Women of the Chapel and also do more laundry, I think that never ends, not to mention, I really have to spend some time working on our household goods damage claim. It's all electronic now and we have pictures that will have to be uploaded plus I have to find some time to get to a Target or the like to get prices on some of the items. It's a big pain really, but we had significant damage this time so we will be filing. Our bedroom suit which we just got in FL was really beat up and then we had several broken and damaged items. Crazy how some moves are worse then others.

Oh and the meeting I attended this morning was the "Shirt Meeting" These guys (and girls, though no girls were at this meeting) are that AND a bag of chips, the real bomb. They are the care takers of all things Airman. It's a rough job, it's a calling to wear the diamond, those who do so, usually do it well, those who don't usually get out of the field. It's not easy getting the 3 a.m. phone calls, or midnight notifications; delivering tough news to family members, having to know more of the story then anyone else, having to be the "bad guy" when no one else will, being the "heavy" always on duty, taking the time, money and no credit for helping those who need it most on a daily basis. I know they are awesome, that they are doing a phenomenal job, but they still need to be told, yes, they do. They need to hear, they should hear it! That is the case for most people, they do their job, no one says squat, they mess up and everyone is all over that. I am trying very hard to thank those who do their job and do it well, making a conscious effort to be a builder upper, not a complainer. There is plenty to gripe about, really, trust me on this, but there is also lots to brag about about. Try it, you'll see, it's so very true, focus on the positive and others around you will catch that same spirit and attitude and everyone will benefit.

My motto here since just a few days after arrival has been keep it positive and productive; if you can't or won't maybe you need to move on. I refuse to be a part of the problem I am going to be a conduit of change and help keep it positive and productive, period! Join in won't you?

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