Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 22

EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE...that is the name of the game this week.

Since MiB has been out of town I have been minimally affected by this, however, this a.m. way too bright and early he was out the door headed to the Warrior Center.  He will be onsite to take part in what's been going on most of the week. This type of operation happens frequently at this base due to the importance of being ready to complete worldwide missions at a moments notice. We have a very unique mission here and we MUST be ready to engage without fail at any time. Should you be intrigued about national security you should read up on the mission of the B-52 which is the aircraft we have here. You will be in awe or at least I was, then you will know that these men and women are an integral part of keeping the world safe.

In addition to the exercise we are working the concessions at a game today to earn monies to help offset the cost of the annual awards banquet that will be held in February next year. Then there is a little social gathering of the "niners" that we will drop in on. Just another day in the blue.

Should you be wondering I did have a cupcake for was divine, paired nicely with my cup of joe, in fact I had to show great restraint in not eating two, I MUST PACE MYSELF, but it was really good, I had the dark chocolate and talk about decadent, it was!

Off to get myself together, finish laundry and make a side dish to take the the social gathering, also need to figure out what I am taking to a family tomorrow for dinner, I know it will involve chicken but that is about it. Certainly not going to be as easy as the mac n cheese, corn dogs and cookies I delivered last night to a family in need...hmmm, I better get busy daylight is burning and besides that my coffee cup is empty!


Frizzy said...

Thanks for all you and MiB do. Love ya!

Susie said...

I am in awe of everything our military does to keep us safe.