Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 27

Taking the easy way out today since it is a full schedule, starting out at PWOC then on to the Attic for the afternoon, PTA and AF101 this evening. I will be ready to meet my bed again tonight :) Still not certain on the "goal day" plans but know it will be time together for sure!!!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • THE DRIVE is still a =(
  • Gotta ebay me some BE...
  • Prayers for wisdom & our future...
  • Neighborhood is getting friendlier!
It may be a dreary day here (and it is weather wise) and there is MUCH NEEDED rain in the forecast but I am grabbing my raincoat and getting out the door for whatever life brings today! I hope you are meeting the challenges you face with a positive can do attitude cause anything less is just not acceptable. Take your circumstances for what they are, evaluate how you got there and make the needed adjustments to get where you want to be. Heck ya it's scary but it's your life and if you want to LIVE then start doing it and quit making excuses...

Outta here!

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