Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 7

WooHoo, it's Friday, yeah, I am ready for the weekend! It's been a busy week here in the blue. Actually, I think the weekend preceding this week was busy so starting out this week I was already feeling a bit run out.

Tonight we are doing AFSA BINGO. Not sure I am ready for this experience but it is for a good cause so I'm good for at least a onefer! Since AFSA is such a HUGE supporter of the military locally and worldwide along with going to bat for us in Washington DC we like to support them as well. AFSA is a leading advocate for military benefits, they are amazing in their efforts to make sure our men and women in uniform are well represented on the hill. It's a great organization and are proud to be a part of it!

In other areas today I am spending some much needed time doing those little things around the house that need to be done but when you are in and out so much they sometimes get forgotten. I have cleaned the bathtub and all the toilets along with several loads of laundry. I have also downed three cups of joe. I will be up late tonight so I am not so worried about caffeine consumption. I hope to tackle mopping floors before the afternoon gets away; I also plan to do a little dusting. IF I still have a few moments I will also run the vacuum.

After BINGO we are going to Taco Mania. This will be another first for us. I'm excited! I heard it's pretty good. I also just got the name of a good Italian place I hope we can try it next Wednesday. Notini's is the name. I know we are Italian food snobs but that is what happens after you live in Italy, what can I say, I'm sorry! But I will let you know what we think of this place after we try it. We also got the name of another pizza place, PieWorks. Not sure when we will try it since we just had pizza last night. And this need to lose a few pounds body of mine cannot have pizza again for awhile!

So happy Friday to ya, I'm ona roll and need to get back to the little chores on my to-do list for today! This whole blogging everyday is TOUGH. I really admire those who have much more meaningful and relevant post then I but I am committed to the task of doing it daily so you get what you get and that's all I have to say about that!

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