Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 20

It's Thursday and the quick way out is to post Thursday Thoughts!
  • I love fall!
  • Thankful for "good people"
  • Glad MiB will be back tomorrow!
  • Love  getting to know the neighbors.
  • Need to get a walk in today before the sun goes down...
So today the Protestant Women of the Chapel did a lunch for the Chaplains since this is Pastor Appreciation month, it was very nice, I couldn't stay long as I had another commitment but it was nice. I kind of took the easy way out and brought chicken tenders from Wal-Mart. I love chicken tenders!  I was going to get them at Albertson's but they don't go on sale til tomorrow and W-M was closer.

In addition I also am making a meal for another family in need tomorrow night. It is only for two little guys so they are getting homestyle mac and cheese and corn dogs. Another family in need will be getting the Albertson's onsale chicken tenders and some sort of side that I make but not sure yet what they will be and that will be win-win cause I bet some of those tenders make it home for MiB and I :)

It's a fall like day and I am loving it! I had a full day. The Attic was BUSY and an First Term Airman class stopped in then we had the monthly drawing. That is always fun. We do a drawing on some of the neat higher value items that come in

The incredible Ms M making one of the calls to let AMN S know he won the ipod!

I just finished my salad and have to work on the claim for our moving damages. ALL pictures have now been taken and uploaded and now I am working on values. It is a daunting task and one I do not enjoy. I know it HAS to be done we are running our of time so I am making myself do it tonight.


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